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Juice your way organically against exhaustion

Our bodies heal if given the chance and the right fuel - this is what I have been telling a client who has exhausted her body to the point of hospitalisation.

Acknowledging that there is a way to healing through food, we are now working to get rid of the body’s toxicity and replenish deficiencies with freshly extracted organic juices.


Ginger and turmeric shots

Using organic ginger and lemon shots to start the day. These are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and even an antihistamine. A turmeric shot also adds to the anti-inflammatory list.

Green juices

The other juices are mostly vegetable-based in this case, with small amounts of fruit to give it a little natural sweetness, Green vegetables play a big part. Spinach or kale supply chlorophyll, the sun’s energy, pumping oxygen into the cells and helping to excrete the toxins through the normal channel and the skin.

Celery and fennel juice

Celery is a natural cleanser and flushes the body of carbon dioxide as well as calms the nervous system. So add a few sticks along with some fennel and you have another anti-inflammatory and calming vegetable juice.

Drink plenty of water

Lots of water is important, along with fresh unprocessed foods to accompany the juices, enhance the juices benefit.


Some light exercise, even walking 30 minutes twice a day, assists the lymphatic system to move out the toxins.

Diffuse essential oil to assist sleep and relaxation

I also recommend a calming blend of essential oils in a diffuser at night to assist relaxation and the recommended eight-hour sleep.

Sarah Cardona is a qualified juice therapist. The recommendations above do not claim to diagnose or cure disease but present the information that freshly extracted juices can benefit health conditions.

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