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Petits Chefs

The Petits Chefs Organic Lunch Box guarantees peace of mind throughout the scholastic year. On subscription, you receive a weekly delivery of favourite organic ingredients that bring a healthy appetite with a smile to any hungry child for 10 consecutive weeks. 


The weekly box contains approximately 5kg of Colourful & Tasty, Easy-to-Eat fruit and veg (a variety of 8-10 items) plus Additional Surprise Items with Recipe ideas for kids to prepare their own school lunch in a fun and loving way.

The introductory weekly box is likely to contain bananas, apples, pears, blueberries, seedless grapes, carrots, coloured peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, which your child can simply wash, chop & take to school. 

Additional items include avocado for a delish guacamole spread or dip and crackers.

• Subscribers automatically benefit from a further 5% discount on all future shopping of items on the Petits Chefs Section of the Farmer’s Deli online shop, which will be delivered on the same day of the Subscription Box to ensure that the pantry is always stocked for them with the right ingredients, nourishingly and conveniently.

For queries and more information, send us an email on or call +356 99372514

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