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Organic summer peak survival kit

Some of you are on holiday, others have already been and are back – for most other people I can think of, summer peak is NOW until the week after the 15th.

The rest of us have to just grin and bear it, accepting shutdowns, crowds and what feels like global warming under a magnifying glass.

So here’s our little first-aid kit to keep it all together, while the elements’ efforts are concerted to melt us away:

1. Tame fire with water

Keep your body hydrated and skin moisturised – you need 2 small bottles of water with you; one to drink – with squeezed lemons, mint, cucumber and ginger; and another one to spray all over your body – make a potent lemongrass infusion and cool it; add aloe vera and an optional hint of argan oil.

2. Organic ginger pick-me-up

Coffee may be great to keep you alert, but ginger shots are even SOOO much better – just put a generous thumb of ginger, lemon and apple and masticate through your juicer. It’s the best pick-me up, especially when you cool it in the freezer before you down it.

3. Eat light to feel light

Keep processed carbs, like bread, at bay, and stock on your fruit and veg instead. If you eat proteins, help digestion by combining them with veg and no carbs. For your carbs intake, go wholegrain rice (visit our rice selection), or spelt, quinoa or kamut pasta.