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Medical Medium: ‘Celery juice is the real health game changer’. Here’s why

Since the Anthony William’s world bestseller book Medical Medium advocated celery as the real game changer, there has been no turning back. According to William, juicing just under 500ml of celery a day works miraculous wonders on body.

Here is why?

  1. It calms inflammation – Antioxidants in celery have the ability to cure free-radical damage that is one of the causes of inflammation. Celery is a natural way to help cure inflammatory conditions like joint pain, skin disorders, kidney infections and IBS.

  2. Mineral salts – Mineral salts in celery act as an antiseptic when they make contact with viruses. They break down the cell membranes of these pathogens, eventually killing them. White blood cells use these salts to go after viruses, which are usually the cause for many chronic illnesses.

  3. Mineral salts 2.0 – Mineral salts also raise the hydrochloric acid in the gut, making it easier to break down food and improve overall gut health. Gut health is extremely important because it works closely with many of the body’s systems, including the immune system, which communicated with immune cells on how to respond to infection. The microbiome also affects the central nervous system that controls brain function, among other things.

  4. It aids in weight loss – Celery is super low in calories and boosts lipid (fats) metabolism.

  5. It relieves bloating – Celery has a diuretic effect so it relieves bloating and treats water retention.

Why does celery have to be organic?

  • Celery is on the dirty dozen list, meaning that it is super important to buy it organic. This is especially true when eaten raw. It has one of the highest pesticide loads even after being washed.

Celery juice is best taken neat on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, and at least one hour before taking in any other food.

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