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Benefits of end-of-week cleansing Hammam ritual

As we go about life and live its situations, we experience joy and satisfaction, but also naturally accumulate anger, fear, delusions, frustrations and other emotions and negative energy. Unless dealt with regularly, this built-up tension is deposited in our built-in stress bank whose only interest returns give misplaced reactions, physical discomforts and, in the long-term, illness.

One ancient-old ritual which naturally clears these dead-end pathways is the Turkish hammam. Practised regularly, its benefits are priceless.

The hammam, or Turkish bathhouse, mentioned also in the monumental ‘One Thousand and One Nights’, is the combination of a mild sauna in a marble spa environment. This hydro-therapy treatment has a tremendous effect on both the mental and physical state and one of the oldest detox practices in North African and Middle Eastern traditions which understood the importance of body purification.

The ritual, which can be practised both with the help of a therapist, as well as individually, involves body scrubbing and exfoliation, foaming from head to toe, optional massage and face mask, and constant rinsing with warm or tepid water.

This helps eliminate toxins and acids, relieves pain, and stimulates the lymphatic system, eliminating excess liquids and improving blood circulation, indirectly supporting slimming and the fight against cellulite.

Visiting a hammam at the end of a week contributes endlessly for body and soul wellness. To prolong its benefits, drink a lot of water to assist the body get rid of toxinsand choose a calm environment for the rest of the day.

Here are 5 ways to complete the benefits of a hammam ritual:

Eat clean - Organic food is what you deserve. Also avoid prepared meals and processed food

Drink a lot of water - Make sure you keep your system well oiled and hydrated with spring water; enhance its benefits adding lemon, mint, cucumber and ginger to alkalise it and fight inflammations

Declutter - Zen is not a buzz word; we perform and function better in a clean and minimal environment. Keep only what you need and compartmentalise what you don’t

Use body care with natural ingredients - Chemicals have far worse reactions than meets the eye, so avoid the usual suspects and go for products which are safe on the skin

Make me-time to empty the mind at least twice a day - To think, be creative, focus and practise mindfulness, a clear mind is in order. Start with at least 5 minutes twice a day in a quiet space doing absolutely nothing but letting go of any persistent thoughts.

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